Alberta-based Luxur Resources is an oil extraction corporation with a team who believes that extraction, transport and water disposal require more than the traditional management, safety and mitigation systems and workflows that have been the go-to for decades. Luxur has developed manual and automated solutions for every step of the process.


Luxur is currently operating a number of active wells in Southern Alberta. Efforts to implement our latest automation, monitoring and reporting systems are already underway at these locations.
Expansion into newly acquired extraction locations is planned for 2H 2023 and Luxur will begin licensing our technology and integrated solutions to other firms at this time as well.


Luxur is a team of the Oil & Gas Industry's top petroleum professionals. The team's combined experience of over 150 years in the oil, gas, operations, automation and information technology industries has ensured that every job we do -- no matter how small -- is completed correctly, safely and with close attention to environmental protection.

Our Record

Quite simply, Luxur Resources boasts a perfect safety, success and environmental history. We have never had a single leak or spill, zero on-job injuries and four-nines system availability. We understand the challenges that come with Alberta's current energy industry and we're up to the task. We approach every step of every project using best-practice project management methodologies. Communication lines are always open to all memebers of our team, and all questions, concerns and reports are read, considered and implemented if they are in the best interest of our team, our products and the environment.