Biofuels are nothing new; they've been around for over 80 years. However it's been a challenge to find a crop that:

  • Grows easily
  • Grows quickly
  • Requires little no intervention once healthy growth has been established
  • Requires relatively low amount of water
  • Harvests simply by hand or mechanized
  • Is not a significant food item
  • Has use for the entire plant

    • Hemp ticks all of the above boxes and more.


Hemp is a commodity. As such, it faces the ups-and-downs of market volatility like any other commodity.

To mitigate risk, EnerStar Petroleum's Renewal Energy projects are all designed to low the cost of soil management, crop production, harvesting and processing. Automated solutions are used whenever possible and our hemp plots are designed to be able to be monitored by a single UAV at each site.

All imagery is returned to a central control station for both automated and human analysis.

The machine learning solutions built by EnerStar staff are continuously being refined as more data is generated.

EnerStar estimates that fully autonomous monitoring will be feasible, safe, reliable during or before 2023, when market trials are scheduled to be underway.


EnerStar brings experts from a huge variety of industries: oil & gas pipeline construction and commissioning, health, safety and environmental impact assessment and mitigation, water processing and disposal, IT, firmware and software development, machine learning, traditional extraction, electrical & hydraulic maintenance, metals fabrication and pipeline operations.

We succeed because of our diversity!

Our Record

Our record is flawless as of November 14, 2022.

Not only have we not been the cause of any leaks nor injury / fatal accidents, but we have assisted with issues experienced by other firms in our industry.

Our systems testing takes place at least monthly, and complete ESD and failover testing takes place at least once per quarter.